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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yes, But I Wanted to Do Hoodrat Stuff With My Friends...

"Cause it's fun, it's fun to do bad things." This just has to be the theme of the closing week of February because everyone (including myself) has been acting willfully and wantonly RECKLESS. Period. Ms. Tull already touched on a bit and I will continue the summary.
Let's look at the happenings of Monday. So, Pikachu Sims and myself were standing outside of Classroom 1 waiting for our Crim Law makeup when we witnessed an epic tongue lashing. I won't name names but the exchanged went like this:
Person 1: Why are we standing outside...can't we go in class?
Person 2: Umm Person 1, obviously we're standing outside because there is a class in there.
Person 1: I didn't ask you so shut up.
Person 2: Umm, excuse me???
Person 1: (bends down to Person 2's height, places finger in face, shakes head in a "oh no you didn't way") I said, I didn't ask you so SHUT THE HELL UP.
Person 2: Wow, but I was just sayi--
Person 1: I said Shut Up.

So yeaaa, that kicked off the week of bad things. I missed Nanny O'Briens AGAIN but I was extra juiced to go to my first ever NBA bball game courtesy of Mr. Duncan. We went to Hominy after and indulged in MORE drinks as usual. It was a super fun night, minus getting harassed by a man who was fun size...I mean he was like 4'11, no lie. He was trying to get at all of us and so Nickey, Pika, and myself proceeded to tell him that we were in a pseudo relationship. So at the end of the night, I realized that I lost my ID again which was a sign to me that my Latarian Milton ways were getting out of hand. That brings us to Friday night....

We go to Pure for the first time since the epic falling out of the first semester. I think we can all conclude that drama follows us when we're at Pure. After enjoying numerous $1 drinks, one of those drinks found their way on our CLOTHES because, on this night, instead of getting harassed by a munchkin man, a Gigantor decided it would be a good idea to throw a drink our way because I refused to dance with him. Bad choice. Compared to him, we looked like an army of the Littles BUT, we didn't care and we told this Hagrid-esque man that he was foul. We had an extra dose of Boldness that night or something because people were ready to knock him out. SMH. So ridiculous. So, we ended up leaving and going to a bomb jazz spot and Nickey & Pika utilized some lawyerly skills to get the Gigantor kicked out.

*sigh* the end? I prob left stuff out....so much is going on on top of all the school ish we have to do!!! Dos Mucho.


Feelin Like Ya Runnin Huh...Now You Know How We FEEL!

So peeps I don't even know where to begin with the shenanigans of this past week. So we're prolly gonna need multiple posts on this one.

I was gonna start on the happenings of wednesday but this tale wouldn't be complete without my tuesday morning call out via twitter courtesy of AMDjr. So I'm sitting in legal writing minding my business ready to start my day. I even said to myself I feel like today's gonna be a good day. I was browsing my morning twitter timeline....when what to my wondering eyes should appear...

@Nickey287 My nigga Tull...just wanted to call you a nigga, know how
much you enjoy that

Suddenly I became furious and replied with an instantaneous and yet still classic...

@amduncanjr Mr. Duncan....Fuck You

Yea I know pretty harsh especially since I dont usually use such language...in print. But I wasn't prepared for such disrespect in the morning, and after all sometimes you have to BE BOLD!

So yea that pretty much started off a week of bold hoodrat things and we've kept it going ever since. Its all love between me and AMD though, I just had to set him straight. His place on my short list of friends is safe...for now. Its clear our section is outta control and at given moment one of us is furious due to a random yet completely predictable display of pure human ignorance. As a survival mechanism we've been "super silly" this week but we've been working hard.

Speaking of hard work, this leads me to Wednesday. We commenced in our weekly "chicken" aka Nanny O'briens. Where I began my normal continuous cycle of rum and cokes, bombass fries and merriment with K$, EST, and AMD. It was a regular HH with a few awkward moments courtesy of some adjacent classmates. Following HH we kept it going at the Wizards - Grizzlies game...yea i know...but hey it was free. We had a good time kept the drinks flowing and UBU joined us too. We got pretty loose at the game so we certainly weren't tryna call it a night so we went to Hominy...the scene of some previous patron induced crimes. Match made in heaven, we walk in and before we know it we're seated at a table with free wine like it appeared from the heavens just for us (well in actuality it was a wine tasting event) but it seemed heavenly at the time. So we had a good night pretty chill for us though even for a wednesday if u minus the continuous drinking from 5pm to 1am! We had a good time RC came through and we ended the nite at Ben's which is becoming one of our regular spots and none of us were really that toasted...although K$ keeps her blackout city to herself, and I didnt make it home. LOL

Wednesday should have warned us for the crazy that would ensue on Friday! Matter fact it did and we accepted the mission. Stay tuned for Hoodrat Things (Random Friday Edition)!!!!


P.s. for the record im glad i keep bad bitches around!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

When In Doubt....Bitch Out?

So I was on call this past week for Con Law and I'm still on call for half of Monday. We all know that our Prof who I kindly refer to as Little Elf Man ("Shhure!"), is preeeetty anal and when he is upset, he'll let you know by saying a cutting statement in the last 30 seconds of class.
Welp, I felt the wrath on Tuesday because apparently he was thoroughly disappointed in my groups level of preparation. So, like clockwork, at 4:49.30 after he expressed his disappointment, he said: "Maybe you all need another snowstorm to prepare." Rude. We did better as the week progressed and I mean I was tempted to pray for another blizzard or bitch out but in hindsight, none of those options were needed. Okay so now I must resume my con law because I do not want another tongue lashing from him tomorrow.


Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Not Done Talking About the Snowpocalypse/Snowmaggedon/Snoverkill

Looks like we might be going back to school tomorrow after a week plus vacation due to the 40 inches or so of snow that D.C. received. I'm pretty sure no one in the real HUSL is prepared to go back to school. I've been waking up at 10, watching t.v. and sleeping all day...how am I supposed to go back to 12 hour plus days of school and studying? It's gonna be super rough. Since we were all trapped indoors for most of last week, we started getting loose immediately after it was apparent it was safe (that's also still questionable) to go outside. Unfortunately, the semester is way past in full swing and I have yet to get with the program...I'm about to though! Maybe? Possibly? Hopefully? Time to buckle down, get ahead in reading, and prepare to destroy the rest of our section/1L class. Ohhhh law school brings out the best in us......



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

23...the New 21!

So its official 23 is the new 21! And I've officially returned to my old undergraduate ways. Staying up all hours of the night sleeping all hours of the day. Pretty much not doing sh** thanks to this snowpocalypse. Lets be real if this is the end of the world...what ima read con law for?

So yesterday these real HUSL'as got the nerve to tell me to walk to Fort Totten to get loose with them. Well I wasnt to keen on dying a few mere hours into being 23 so I stayed home while they got loose of the mother freakin what? Goose! I'm happy in fact proud of the fact that can't nothing stop our shine, not class and damn sure not a snowpocalypse.

I gotta say I miss my real husl'as but in due time I will see them again. Until then I'm doing a whole LOT of NOTHING and I freakin-what-LOVE IT!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

God Bless You, Snowmageddon

Snowmageddon. Snowpocalypse. SnOMG. Call it what you want, but this blizzard is the best thing to hit DC since the Real HUSL moved here in August. This is the second consecutive day of no classes and it has been AMAZING. And another snow day is on the way but let's be real, school probably will not resume until next week.
So there were a couple bouts of cabin fever and getting reckless and even, dare I say...studying? We must be good diligent 1Ls...psshh. Anyways, I ventured outside for the first time since Friday and I must say that Pikachu Sims ain't never lied; definitely some Book of Eli ish outside. And it's only going to get worse before it gets better. So for now, we're soaking up the free time before we head back to the HUSL and feel the wrath from our professors. Hopefully the makeup sessions won't make us want to jump.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

False Alarm

So I tricked myself last night. I watched the snow fall endlessly for hours as I cuddled up in my Snuggie and blazed through criminal law cases. You know, the provocation cases where all the dudes ended up murdering their wives. *sigh* So I stayed up and put in work thinking that I would have time to sleep in. I awake to see the sun peeking through my project living windows and I realize that no, it is not a snow day. Hopped on the shuttle bus and here I am in crim law about to learn about malice from my malicious prof. lol.

Happy Hump Day people.