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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halllloooweeeeen! Etcetera

Hello World,

Halloween fell on a Monday this year but that didn't stop us from partying. We went to Bar 7 and had a great time. We ran into Minnie Mouse, The Joker, Princess Jasmine, and Harry Potter to say the least. In other news, I set my alarm while I was out last night. I woke up at 8:50AM so that I could register on Bisonweb at 9:00AM. I proceeded to type in my alternate pin and like clockwork, the page took forever and ever and ever to load. I hopped on gchat and twitter and learned that I was not alone; Bisonweb was down of course. I don't know why I trick myself every single semester and think that this system will work efficiently. Anyways, these comments from my peers made me chuckle:

In the end, I got to register for my last semester of law school 2 hours later (PRAISE THE LORD)!!! Oh and I STILL have this 25 page draft due tomorrow for good ole critical race theory. I am thankful that I chose to write on The Wire..the research part is great because I love that show… but I'm really lacking the motivation to write! I hope that this Wale Ambition album will fuel my writing process.

Happy November,