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Friday, February 24, 2012

Flashback Friday: The iPhone Biggie

So the iPad came out during 1L year. I remember hearing about the concept and thinking that it was a bit silly. It just reminded me of a large iPhone so I dubbed it the iPhone Biggie. Mr. Duncan was HYPE as evidenced in the photo. When the iPad was officially released, and Mr. Duncan got his hands on it, we all took turns looking at it. Naturally, we held it up to our ears and pretended to be talking on the phone. We each got a pic, but Ni-Cole’s was my fave. And like clockwork, the iPhone Biggie ended up being a huge success.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Doing Theeeeee Most & My 2nd Twitterversary

I'm literally on bed rest right now. This weekend...well the past weekends have been dos mucho. I have so much work to do and I have not been very productive. Does being a 3L make one allergic to school work? Perhaps. I'm trying to get my bearings academically and finish strong and I WILL pull it together eventually....

On a social note, I've partied myself to sickness. My immune system is all the way turnt down and I am driving the struggle bus. We all hit up the Beacon on Saturday and saw the whole school out. Mind you, I knew I had the sniffles but still went out and probably infected some people (my bad). Yesterday, I woke up feeling terrible and I was sure that I was going nowhere. Then I saw tweets...and heard from Ni-Cole...and remembered that this is my last time to enjoy so I said YOLO and popped some Day Quil and stepped out. I was upset that the open bar at Bar 7 was only for Crown Royal but I made it work and I must say that it worked wonders for my sinuses. We also ended up at Josephines which was interesting to say the least. It's all a blur and I'm feeling the repercussions of my ways. But I already know the rest of the semester will be like this. I do not know how my classmates and I will be alive after exams. We have from May 3rd -May 12th (graduation) to be reckless and I just don't know if I'll survive. Like, I'm dead serious. Guess I'll worry about when the time comes.

Oh and enjoy a ridiculous pic of a text that I got from some random man back in 2010. Clearly he got no response..that grammar EEK. It was my first twit pic! I used to be known as @UdemeRefusestoGetTwitter but my people put me on game and life has been funnier ever since.

Til Next Time *sneezes*


Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Friday: Snowmageddon Anyone?

Snomaggedon, Snowpacalypse, SnOMG, etc. happened exactly two years ago. It was my first winter in the District and it was the worst winter on record out here (40 inches of snow). We couldn’t even celebrate Ni-Cole’s birthday together because she was stuck in Silver Spring, but Pikachu Sims still insisted that she walk to Fort Totten and metro over to the Towers. Unfortunately, it seems that we won’t get a week off of school due to inclement weather…we’ve barely had snow. Check the slideshow for a flashback. I hope we get a snow day at least!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Throwback: Lost & Found

A little late on the Throwback Thursday but I found these pics in my archives. Who could forget my infamous rolly bag aka Roliah? She was so unruly, tripping people and falling over sometimes *sigh*. I passed her on to another 1L to enjoy. The next pic is from a random Labor Day function with Section 3. I believe we were in the middle of a game of Mafia…and I’m pretty sure I won! And last but not least is a pic of my some CafĂ© Patron…my 23rd birthday present from Anthony & Ego. Memories.