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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1L Blues Reloaded: Swoll Like Tookie

{The "Reloaded" series features blog posts that were heavy on our minds, but that did not make it to "press" until the school year ended; this can be blamed on a lack of time, laziness etc.}

[on left Pikachu not knowing her own strength, breaks the arm of a law library chair. *swoll* LOL]

Hello World,

Since we left off, I’m still happy and ready to go on a much needed vacay. Before I skip town, I simply had to blog about my gym journey here in the District with Pikachu (Kyra) Sims.

Besides law school, the gym got a lot of our time and sometimes it trumped studying #justsayin.

I’ve been called “bag lady” by my so called friends whom I love dearly and I’m pretty sure that I’ve been called “bag lady” in the minds of HUSL folks that I have never spoken to. On a typical day at school, I had my backpack (stuffed to capacity) along with a book in hand (ridiculous, I know) and my trusty gym bag in tow. I’m sure many wondered why and all I can say is that the gym has been one of the best stress relievers, and because of the fact that the pounds can pack on quick in law school. We refused to let our quest for a JD result in the demise of our girly figures. In undergrad, it’s the “Freshmen Fifteen” and in law school it’s the “1L Twenty Five” and then some. We joined Gold’s Gym during 1L year to combat this. We resolved to work out every day (minus weekends usually) and work on our fitness; we’ve been consistent and we’ve actually yielded good results. 2L year was definitely when we got EXTRA serious about it…maybe a little too serious.

So first semester, we went a little overboard with our regimen. We were kind of calorie deficient and so we were sleepy, lethargic and all that bad stuff. Man cannot live on protein bars alone. Or greek yogurt, or even turkey tostadas. Especially, since we were burning 600+ calories in spinning class or doing some major weightlifting in Body Pump class.

By second semester, we got in the groove. We found a healthy balance and got even more creative with our meals. We hit up Whole Foods and Safeway and tried to make some smart choices. And we never bought food from the school cafeteria; I think it helped save us a lot of money. Gold’s was our second home…so much so that one of the trainers stopped us on one occasion and asked about our plans & goals and offered us a maybe free (?) personal training session. We’ll never know what would have come from this session because this trainer was always booked up =/; maybe next school year we’ll see what he has to offer. We still went to spinning (loved the Britney Spears tribute sessions), went to Abs Class (and wanted to cry), kept up with body pump (and limped through campus on the subsequent days) and most interestingly, we shook our asses and dropped it low in Zumba class. All in all, we lost a collective 30 lbs (woop woop).

The real test will be whether we can keep the pounds off during the summer. I shall miss my resident gym buddy over the next couple months! If we find ourselves back sliding, we can play this so serious that it's funny gym jam. Hopefully, we'll stay on our regimen and get swoll like Tookie wit it:

Happy Summer People,


Friday, May 13, 2011

Drumrollllllll: Soundtrack to 2L Year!

Here is our ECLECTIC soundtrack to 2L year. These songs will always bring back some pleasant/ratchet/emo memories of the 2010-2011 school year:

  1. No Hands ~ Wale [This song was a banger and got tons of radio play (maybe too much). It’s the appropriate kickoff to the playlist because it will always remind me of the start of 2L year (and gettin it in the club)]
  2. Pretty Boy Swag ~ Soulja Boy [I have soooo many memories of dudes getting it to this song in the beginning of the school year]
  3. G.O.O.D. Fridays & My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ~ Kanye West [Mr. West helped us get through fall semester by dropping bomb tracks for FREE every Friday around August through early December. It made study sessions so much better. Some notables from GOOD Fridays also appeared on MBDTF (i.e. So Appalled, Devil in A New Dress etc.) My favorite, which only came out as a GOOD Fridays release was “Christian Dior Denim Flow” #JAM]
  4. Man On The Moon, Vol. II: The Legend of Mr. Rager ~ Kid Cudi ~ [Hey Mr. Raaaaaaaaaaaagerrrr. I just could not pick one track from this album. It led to many emo rages…particularly “All Along,” which has a special place in my heart. This album also reminds us all of fall semester of 2L year…Yeeeeaaah Wooah Oooh Wooah *kudi voice*]
  5. Victory ~ N.E.R.D. [I was going to put the whole “Nothing” album on here, but this song always stood out because of its lyrics. It was one of the most motivational songs during the first round of finals: “Victory, I can smell it in the air. In my mind it surrounds me everywhere…and what a wondrous occasion this could be, in fact I know it will be..cause this is my victory. The Limit is the skyyyy.” Other notables: “Hypnotize U” and “I’ve Seen the Light.”]
  6. Motivation ~ Kelly Rowland [aka Ni-Cole’s Anthem. This is a recent hit and it had to make the cut due to some spectacular dance moves I have witnessed to this song haha. Glad Kelly finally got a hot track after 15 years lol.]
  7. Hustle Hard~ Ace Hood [I’m pretty sure that EVERY student at the law school loves the fact that our law school’s acronym is HUSL and so of course this is the HUSL anthem. The line “same old sh!t, just a different day” is PERFECT for finals period]
  8. Make it Rain~ Travis Porter [Ratchet. See previous post. This song had to make the cut…it is def a guilty pleasure type of song that you know you shouldn’t be dancing to but just can’t help it]
  9. Bring it Back~ Travis Porter [This man had to make the list again *sigh*. These songs always get it poppin…the best part of this track is: “Ohhh oh oooh ohhh.” LOL]
  10. Racks on Racks ~ YC (Young Chris) [ This song inspired the “Books on Books on Books” blogpost; Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.]
  11. 21 ~Adele [Adele finally got her shine this year. This album is amazing and it had the perfect melancholic flow for second semester]
  12. Deuces Remix ~C. Breezy & Friends [This was a fall anthem…favorite verse was from my beloved Andre 3000 and Drizzy’s verse wasn’t half bad either ;)]
  13. Till the World Ends ~ Britney Spears [This was one of our favorite tracks off of Femme Fatale. And a staple in our gym playlist!]
  14. Like a G6 ~ Far East Movement [Spinning Jam]
  15. In the Morning ~ J Cole [Baby you summer time fine ;) one of my fave tracks off of Friday Night Lights]
  16. Sleazy~ Ke$ha [Pikachu’s jam. I still don’t get how Ke$ha got Andre 3000 on this remix but I love it!]
  17. All Black Everything ~ Lupe Fiasco [This was a great song to study to]
  18. What’s My Name ~ Rihanna [The Loud album was great for second semester; this song was great till they played it out..but it still had to make the cut]
  19. Balance ~ Sara Tavares [This is a personal choice...this song always made me happy and it's simple and beautiful. Nuff said]
  20. Black and Yellow ~ Wiz Khalifa [duh. This had to make the cut]
  21. The Black and Gold ~ Wale [Hear ye, Hear ye (inside joke ]
  22. How I Got Over ~ The Roots [technically this album dropped the summer after 1L year BUT it was a great and it was played throughout 2L year. No album fillers, just great music.]
  23. Hustle Blood ~ Big Boi [The Sir Lucious Leftfoot, the Son of Chico Dusty album took me by surprise. I love love this album. It reminds me of moving into the new apartment before 2L year officially commenced]
  24. Stereo Love (lol) ~ Groove Amanda [this random track was ALWAYS on the radio when Pikachu and I drove to school. And it’ll always remind me of partying it up with a bunch of Bulgarians in Adams Morgan lol]
  25. My Dougie (Remix) Lil Will [Club jam and another track that probably reflects adversely on our character and fitness *sigh*]
  26. Beautiful People~ Chris Brown [cause we’re beautiful! Lol, jk (kinda). This was a feel good song to close out the school year]

And there you have it folks! Can’t wait to see what lands on the list for our final year…till next time.

In Happiness Because School is Over,