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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Final Playlist: Soundtrack to 3L Year

I am back after a joyous and hectic week to post the soundtrack to the 2011-2012 school year. I compiled this list after flashing back in my memory to car rides to the HUSL, jammin at 3L Thursdays, solo dance sessions etc. My LONG flight(s) back to CA gave me time to reflect. So here it goes:

1) N*ggas in Paris - Jay Z & Kanye West
   [I almost forgot that this album dropped in August. So people were playing it out in the beginning of the   
2) Hear My Call - Jill Scott
   [This was my go to emo song. Beautiful lyrics.]
3) Take Care Album - Drizzy
   [I couldn't choose one song. But the notables that were on heavy rotation during the year
    were: Take Care & Practice. I flash back to days in wack CRT class jamming with Piks and Ms.
    Perez shaking our invisible maracas. Oh and I people hated on Practice but I was a fan.
    "Yea you workin with some ass yea, you're bad yeaaaa." Oh and shoutout to Ghostface
    for his hilariously rude review of this album!]
4) Ambition Album - Wale
   [Most notable, Bait and the title track. Bait is still my jam and it got me hype in the 
    gym while Ambition made me want to kill all my exams and graduate!]
7) Tupac Back - Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill
   [This song was on heavy rotation in the gym and it always made me want to get mad and
    punch someone in the face.]
8) Bad Girls - M.I.A.
   [Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well. Hot track and a great video to match. I
    remember seeing it for the first time after our Superbowl party.]
9) Rack City - Tyga
   [I will NOT say the line that Pikachu Sims always says when singing the ratchet version
    of this song. This song is alright..wasn't my favorite but it had to make the cut.]
10) Talk That Talk Album - Rihanna
   [Couldn't leave ratchet Rihanna off the playlist. Who can reminisce on 3L year without
    hearing "It's not even my birthday...he want that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake..."
    Orrrr "I love it, I love it, I love it when..." yea, you know the rest. This album was
    full of jams."]
11) On The Floor - J-Lo ft. Pitbull
    [ I am not longer ashamed to admit that I really like this song. I listened to it
     countless times on metro rides to HUSL.]
12) Paradise - Coldplay
    [I love this song so much! And Mylo Xyloto is a great album, although I wasn't sold at
13) Camp/Culdesac/EP Albums - Childish Gambino
    [This man made my school year! These albums were on HEAVY rotation, especially Les,
     Letter Home, You See Me, Break (AOTL), and Firefly. Don't sleep on Childish G aka
     Donald Glover!]
14) We Are Young- FUN
    ["...So let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the suuuuun..." The lyrics
     say it all; so appropriate for graduation.]
15) Ayy Ladies - Travis Porter
    [This beat goes hard. Period. And it will FOREVER remind me of a certain flashmob that
     occurred in the cafeteria :)]
16) Wobble - V.I.C.
    [Clearly this song is old BUT, it still reminds me of 3L year! People will jammin at
     McFaddens to this on the last day of class and the dance floor packed when this
    song dropped at Barrister's Ball.]
17) Love Out of Lust - Lykke Li
    [Great song from a great album!]
18) The Party & The After Party - The Weeknd
    [ This was one of my fave tracks off of House of Balloons; I appreciated the length and
     the switch up in the second half of the song.]
19) Round of Applause - Wacka Flocka Flame
    [ Buss it, Buss it...]
20) PP 1.5 - Kendrick Lamar
    [Alien Girl was also my jam but I decided to pick this track]
21) Up! - Loverance ft. 50 Cent
    [ This was the party jam so it had to make the cut]
22) Cashin' Out - Ca$h Out
    [So I had to Google this artists name several times...didn't realize his stage name was
    really Ca$h Out *scratches head*.]
23) Spend It - 2 Chainz
    [It's mine, I spend it. Ha! People were always jamming when this song came on. Oh
24) Glad You Came - The Wanted
    [Ummm this is just an infectious song as evidenced at the last 3L Thursdays of the year]
25) Girlfriend - Justin Bieber
    [Had to put this track on here because it's a solid one. Cheers to Bieber for his
     Justin Timberlake-esque transition cc: his more R&B feel and being on the Money Team]
26) Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
    [This is a recent popular wholesome jam. It's random and so catchy! Didn't know this
     girls name until I Shazamed it.]

That's all folks. These songs will forever remind me of my final year of law school.