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Thursday, November 4, 2010

1L Blues In A Nutshell

This is 2L year's "Law School Musical":

"I'm Nasty, I'm Sorry" & Emo Rage

I had to put part of this title as "I'm Nasty, I'm Sorry" because...well, because it's funny. I wasn't actually present when aforementioned statement was made, but I am a third party beneficiary of its hilarity. This was said by a pretty rando 2L boy to the respectable Ms. Uwan for unknown reasons. Regardless, it's too funny to not be commemorated on the blog.

In other news, Emo Rage is at an all-time high. I trademarked this phrase over brunch at Diner on Sunday afternoon. Emo Rage is kind of like the new "Bitchassness." Once again, it predominately affects males ages 18-26 and it's a very serious condition. The cause is unknown, but I suspect it has to do with a combination of Kid Cudi on heavy rotation, skinny jeans that may be too tight, and not being allowed to express emotions properly as children. Oh, and the consumption of more than one alcoholic beverage exacerbates symptoms. Now, all of a sudden all these grown ass men want so get sad, mad, upset and get extremely emo and angry. Also, there's a high correlation between Emo Rage and Male Groupies (see Nicole's previous post for more explanation of the Male Groupie syndrome). I only have one message for people infected with Emo Rage: GET HELP! and LEAVE ME THE F ALONE. As everyone knows, it's grind season here at the HUSL and there's no time in any of our lives for silliness. I'm going to have to start wearing my face mask not only to protect me from H1N1, but also to protect me from emo rage and groupies. *sigh*

Until next time,
Pikachu Sims

Keeping Your Groupies in Check Gets Exhausting

So, its been another crazy month in the lives of the real huslas. I myself have been troubled with an inner struggle stuck between buckling down on school work and dealing with a serious case of pimp hand strong system. And somewhere in between i've had more than my fair share of shots of patron, including one random night where I lost my phone, and then got it back again. A major difference between 2L year and 1L year is that 1L year I really didnt have a personal life to interfere with my constant studying, whereas now my studying is interfering with my personal life. This year is really a balancing act. A necessary balancing act because after all as hard as it is to accept this is the life we chose, and although I hope there will be times where we are happier, its pretty safe to say that we will never be any less busy.

With all that said I feel like its important to just keep living my life and find a way to do the things I wanna do with the people I want to do them with. (Get your minds out of the gutter folks, I don't me it like that...at least I don't think I do).

A few weeks ago I went to a happy hour at Park and it was truly a real live version of six degrees of separation. Its no exaggeration to say that every person I independently knew from various places knew each other. Even had a crazy ass run in with this guy tryna holla even though I know his girlfriend and she was PRESENT. Dude is trifling in every sense of the word, his gf would literally turn her back, and he was preying on me. First of all he really wasnt that cute, second of all do I look like some trifling chick, third of all why would I even wanna deal with you seeing thats how you behave ( oh I know why cuz he must think I'm a trifling trick). Well HELL NO! I aint the one. So that guy is a rather thirsty groupie that I may just have to put on blast the next time I see him.

Actually we have noticed in recent weeks there seems to be a male groupie epidemic. Thirsty ninjas everywhere lol. I know thats rude, and makes us seem rather conceited...and you know what...we are all of the above. But its still the freaking truth. I guess its understandable...no really its not, I never been that thirsty in my life, but I do know that we are cute and we have fun so we get new groupies everyday lol. These groupies have been coming out the woodworks for sure, and I can't even say its people I dislike. Its just amusing.

Dueces till we meet again,


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It Was Fun While It Lasted......

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you...

So we all neglected October which is sad because a lot of stuff happened but no worries, I will come through with the summary. And I would like to call out a certain Pikachu Sims for neglecting this here blog since 1L year; run tell dat! Anyways, October FLEW by. It's amazing how the first two months of the semester drag by and then all of a sudden, it's grind season. We are in it and this means: lack of sleep, Starbucks being frequented more than usual (not by me of course), less television, baggier eyes, use of supplements, exhaustion, aggravation, jadedness etc. etc. You get the picture. So go head and feel sorry for us if you must...we're used to this merry-go-round and we are now saying December 10th or Bust. So to end on a lighter note, let me flashback to the close of October. It was a Halloween weekend to remember: HU Homecoming, The Rally to Restore Sanity and everything in between.
I'll flashback to
Thursday when somehow Pikachu, Knee-Cole and myself found ourselves in Forever 21, H & M, Urban Outfitters, Ruby Tuesdays and an athletic wear type store where I FINALLY got my Nalgene liter bottle and new gym shoes! Yeaaaaaaa, we did have class but the trip was necessary. I don't regret it at all. By the time our half personal day was over we decided we would be lowkey. A couple hours elapsed...texts and calls came through and everyone was talking about going to Park at 14th. Soooooo Knee-Cole and I ended up there and we had a great time. The morning recap was comedy! And I saw about 6 UCR people...we rolled deep this year. On Friday, my PLB aka Afia took a break from UPenn and joined in the festivities. We went on the yard (flasks in hand) and saw MANY questionable outfit choices. It was a good time. Reunited with Rum DMC and Mr. Duncan. We had dinner at Ledo's Pizza and realized we had $2.50 so we copped some Four Lokos. Friday night we hit up LOVE...the most notable moment from the night was a slip and fall, I won't name names though. She knows who she is. Saturday was the Rally to Restore Sanity. It was great...tons of great signs...people sitting in trees, babies on leashes. It was all fun and dandy till we tried to get HOME. All we wanted was to get back to the apartment but there were just too many people in this ity bity city!!!! We were trapped in DC for hours...walked from the National Mall to Union Station. Got straight up DEFLECTED and REJECTED from several taxi drivers. Waited in line at Union Station for over an hour just for a cab! It was horrible.
So obviously after that ordeal, all we wanted to do was rest. We did that and had some visitors at the apartment that night. Two of them were the usual suspects of course, one was too small and the other too loud. Le Sigh. I was glad to get sleep after that night. Halloween was just another day. That
Sunday feeling rushed over us all. Afia bid us adieu and Pika and I closed of the night with an episode of Boardwalk Empire.
When November 1st came around...it seems like something came over us all. We know what we have to do and we'll do it. There's just no other way.

Happy StuDYING,


Saturday, September 18, 2010

It Happened One Night. Or Two, Maybe Even Three

Hello World,

Soooooooo, I can't quite describe the happenings of this past week. Let me try and be academic for a sentence or two: school is the same old, STILL trying to get into school mode before it's crunch time. Okay, that's enough of that.

It's Congressional Black Caucus weekend in DC so people are out and about in full effect. Thursday was the kick off at The Park at 14th aka our staple spot. We had to start the night off with some Jose Cuervo and a bomb toast from Wale: "Let's toast, let's celebrate life, celebrate wealth and bypass plight for the night, drinks up." Once we got there, Pikachu came through with a round of drinks and I was on Long Island if you know what I mean. I wasn't quite the mayor of blackout city but i was teetering a lil too close to the edge. As usual, we saw some HUSL people out and about and acting brand new in certain instances. John Legend was in the building, didn't see him or his hairline but I did hear his ad-libs over Green Light (still love that song). Ended up in VIP with some familiar faces, champagne was consumed though it wasn't ours. We headed to The Diner of course. I didn't sleep at the table, though I was exhausted. The "night" ended around 4AM.
So, I wanted to take it easy for the rest of the weekend. Even though it was only Thursday, I thought I had done too much. I did some reading for Evidence and I was couchin it with Pikachu and watched a hilarious episode of the Soup. Little did I know that some of the crew were on U Street. Literally. So of course, we joined them........the most wacky unplanned night ever. It was just SUPER random. We met up on U Street, headed to Bus Boys and Poets to swoop Russell, walked on U street again, went into a random spot...the music was on point....left that spot for a ratchet house party (I was hesitant, didn't want to go in & get pumped full of lead)...it was a no-go for us anyways....then we headed to Ben's Next Door. *SIGH*
This is where we saw a Hagridesque WOMAN....She was literally 6'7" and she was wearing a dominatrix type outfit, drawing even more attention to herself. Areolas were spotted, pics were taken, one of which I'll prob make into the default pic for this post. I probably missed a bunch of nonsense from this Friday. It was quite a night. There's a huge event at LOVE tonight....Wale & Trey Songz will be there. At this point, I'm not going...but I can't say that I won't end up there. You never know with us.
2L year is starting off with a bang....just gotta focus. It's key to stay balanced though. Work hard, play hard. It's what gets us through it all.

Til Next Time,


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Only the Beginning...

Well as I sit here thinking about what to write about. I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry about the insanity that is 2L year and all the crap we've have gotten ourselves into ALREADY. Its only labor day! Despite my constant attempts to get my life together... surprise my life is anything but together.

But anyway after 3 weeks of school I think we have all been struggling to get into a reading groove. We have easily slipped into many other grooves including but not limited too couchin', brunches, trueblood, shots, partying and of course chicken! We already have some classic memories a particular group hug with Turtle at a house party being one of them lol.

Law school people are funny. Everyone has their school personality, but people seem to get a lot more interesting after a couple and sometimes a lot of drinks. Went to the Park on Sunday since labor day meant no school on Monday. Surprisingly or not surprisingly depending on how you look at it, it was a really great time. Although, K$ didn't come out and we surely missed her. The crowd was good and so was the music. I don't really recall this but the DJ dropped "No Hands" and the whole place "went ham" as the phrase goes. All in all it was a good night, that did not include being bothered by a bunch of random guys. I guess since we were with not so random guys lol. I guess that may be the way to go from now on...who knows.

I made some pretty great decisions on Sunday nite I must admit. The best one being the decision to drink only top shelf and stick to it. There was some foolishness that occurred on sunday too that might have heightened our need to party like it was our last night on earth.

Now im working on slowing down but its hard considering I don't have nearly as much reading to do for class as last year. I actually feel like I have the time to go out and do things or even stay in and do things. For instance I already plan to watch my football games on saturday and sunday, and monday night too. I think I may have finally found some sort of balance where don't have to shut out the things I love to do just to get my work done. I've really been using my time during the day wisely so my nights are pretty much free, although as the semester goes I know some nights at the library will be necessary. Sigh.

We know not what is to come, but we know we shall do it bigger and better,

Nickey E

Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're Baaaack, OCI or Die, & All the Etceteras

Hello world,

It's been a minute since we've been on here. Last time we left off, we were 1Ls talking about our blues and well, it's carried over to 2L year. Different year, same people and same woes. We lost a few but Real HUSL is still intact and in full effect. FYI, the blog will remain 1L Blues...despite the change in class level. So deal with it.
Anyways....our summers were great. I speak for myself (but I think the others will concur) when I say that it was great to have my life back. To remember how happy I could be...sheesh! It was a long time coming. It was too short and as soon as I knew it, I was smack dab in DC.
Pika & I ditched the projects, aka the East Towers, and we actually landed a great spot....after several mishaps (loooong story). So thankful that we're not homeless, though I can't say the same for a few of my colleagues. School is in full swing and so is good ole OCI. So we don our jazziest suits and try to knock these interviews out the park...it's not easy but it's got to be done. It's stressful trying to solidify your life for the next few years within the next few months. But as usual, I have my people to hold me down.
On a lighter note...I think last night counted as our first night out. With excessive drinking at Aleros (shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots), jamming at Tom Toms in Adams Morgan, and grubbin on breakfast at The Diner (though I didn't grub and was half asleep), it was an eventful night/morning.
And as usual, because randomness follows us, as we walk back to the car at the end of the night, we see a man down. Literally....I mean, down on the concrete. We notice that he was breathing (phew) and we call for assistance to get the inebriated man some help. Sleeping on the ground around Adams Morgan with phone and wallet in tow is no bueno. Hope when he slept the liquor off, he was glad we helped him. *sigh*

Till Next Time,


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where it All Went Down: Top 15 Places 2009-2010

So I decided to emerge with a list of places that made our first semester in DC so memorable. For people that spent hundreds of hours in the library, we sure did get around...lol.
1. The Law Library (no explanation necessary, but we did everything here from pizza and wings to much needed
dance breaks)
2. The Health Sciences Library (sometimes a change of "scenery" is necessary)

3. Nanny O'Briens (Chicken, Wings, Fries, Turtle, all present at our almost weekly wednesday hh/dinner spot

4. Starbucks (all of them...always good to have a starbucks boo)

5. McDonalds (not just any golden arch but Georgia Ave! My my we have seen the 8th wonder with that place. Truly
place where anything and everything is possible, crackhead conventions, masked individuals, one man
dance parties)

6. U Street ( this is actually the scene of many locations but I figured its cool enough to get its own shoutout)

7. Ben's Next Door ( capped off many anights here, with good discussion and good bartenders, nice place)

8. Hominy (also on U street we've had some very interesting yet very random wed nites here, $3 patron shots is a
dangerous and beautiful thing all at the same time. )

9. The Towers (as the first year residence of UBU and K$ims, we've spent much time in that at times uninhabitable
building, and we realized that you never know who you might see going in and out)

10. Love (not much to say, its a dc institution. Homecoming we learned that grown men can't handle their liquor
evidenced by them falling out everywhere!)

11. Lotus (we spent quite a few memorable thurs nites at this K street spot. In fact a few more nights and we woulda
been regulars, this is the scene of the first giant sighting and the post snowmageddon aka parole party lol)

12. Aleros ( prolly one of dc's most popular Mexican restaurants, whether it was between class at the cleveland park
one or on the weekends at U street, el matrimonio is always in order!)

13. The Park at 14th (one of my personal favorites in dc, always a good crowd of people and seems like a guaranteed
great time, this is also the scene of many memorable and wishtheywerememorable moments)

14. Pure (this list wouldnt be complete without pure the regular dollar drinks friday evening spot, all the way turned
up at 7pm)

15. Full circle house (Im just gonna reference this residence because I find it no small coincidence that it played a
role in the beginning and end of our year)

There are some honorable mentions that didn't quite make the list but were nevertheless instrumental to our success this year. Chipotle, the Movie theater, the Shuttle Bus, and my living room all deserve an honorable mention.

Lastly, as fun and dramatic as all these places have been, they are just places, and the real reason I find them to be memorable is the people I enjoyed/experienced them with. It really was at these places where our friendship was made at these places where friendship was tested and shown to be unshakable. Anywhere we go we have a ball and have each others backs and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Next year we'll be sure to visit our old favorites and certainly look to add some new spots to the list!

Love Always,


Thursday, May 6, 2010

1LBlues [Reloaded]- Soundtrack to Our Year

So, no one has really been able to update the blog due to those vicious 21 credits. 5 evil exams over a span of 2 weeks and one day. We survived. Anyways, it'll be such a long blogpost to summarize all the happenings of 2009-2010 1L year. There were a plethora of albums/mixtapes that dropped and a bunch of oldies but goodies that were oh so applicable to our lives lol. Here are SOME songs that will always remind us (well at least me) of this school year.....through the studying and all the recklessness that went down:
1. Pursuit of Happiness- Kid Cudi
2. Throw It In the Bag (Remix)- Fabolous
3. Money to Blow- Birdman ft. Lil Wayne & Drake
4. No Games- Serani
5. Soundtrack to My Life- Kid Cudi
6. Say Something- Timbaland ft. Drake
7. Who's Real- Jadakiss
8. Sky Might Fall- Kid Cudi
9. (Ready, Trey Songz) Neighbors Know My Name
10. Speed of Sound- Mike Posner
11. Breakup Song- Wale
12. Window Seat- Erykah Badu
13. Hu$tle Simmons- Diggy
14. (The BP3 Album) So Ambitious- Jay Z ft. Pharrell Williams
15. (The CBreezy Mixtape) Too Freaky- C. B. #dontjudgeme
16. Fancy- The Dream
17. (Ready, Trey Songz) Say Aah
Mirror's Edge- Mike Posner
19. Lemonade- Gucci Mane
20. O Let's Do It- Waka Flocka Flame
21. Swag Surfin'- Fast Life Yungstaz
Made- Big Sean ft. Drake
23. Over- Drake

Monday, May 3, 2010

I Know Way Too Many People Here Right Now That I Didn't Know Last Year...

"WHO THE EFF ARE Y'ALL?!?!?!...I'm livin life right now and this what Imma do Till it's OVER."
GOODYBYE 1L year....Good riddance. Time to party party party, let's all get wasted!!!! ; )

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Personal Days, Heatwaves, and iPads

Just a brief update. So Easter Sunday just passed and it was wonderful. Church was great and my spirit was moved...to the point of taking a personal day. It was well worth it. Nickey, Pika and myself explored DC...something we haven't had the chance to do since AUGUST. We were overwhelmed by the sea of tourists who traveled from all over for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We spotted a tree (singular), took a pic, and kept it moving. And we ended up...can you guess it???...Shopping. Retail therapy is every law student's best friend (next to the usual alcoholic beverages).
And so this sporadic, random personal day turned into a personal night and we ventured to the movies to see "Why Did I Get Married Too?" Needless to say, I was opposed...I had heard terrible things about the movie, but I still went. And I'm glad I did because it made my night. The movie fell to pieces in the last 40 minutes. The "dramatic scenes" ended up being the funniest (I love you *toss vodka*, I love you.) You just had to be there.
In other news, DC is experiencing a heatwave...we fast forwarded to summer. It was 90 degrees today and it's going to be 90 again tomorrow. We're hoping that our Criminal Law professor lifts the ban on WATER but he probably won't. And finally, Senor Duncan got his iPhone Biggie aka the iPad. That's all there is to say about that. Literally. It's just my phone, jumbo size.

Happy Studying


Friday, March 19, 2010

Springin' Forward.................Into Finals

So here we are. The week FLEW by and we will be back in the District by Monday. I've enjoyed plenty sunshine (nothing below 70 degrees...today is a lovely 75)...had margaritas and green beers....and done some work. I've also brought the Pimp Hand Strong Syndrome all the way to CA. So, in the end, I'm a full mix of my west & east coast self. This should be an interesting summer to say the least. So, I looked at the final schedule last night and almost passed out/threw-up a little bit. We are a month away from finals. It's a blessing and a curse. We'll be done with our 1L year :) Gotta put in work 'cause it's crunch time when we return. "There is a light that shines, special for you and me." I see the light...the end of the 1L tunnel is coming fast.

Happy Spring Breakin' Real HUSL

Deuces ; )

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Spring Break and all of the Real HUSLers are back at their respective domiciles (Knee-cole is cool because she was 2 domiciles...yay for civ pro!). I miss everyone but am enjoying being back in Ann Arbor. The first few days were pretty dreary, but today and the rest of the week appear to be shaping up beautifully. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day, which for those of us who went to predominately white institutions for undergrad, means a day of waking up absurdly early and drinking green beer/doing Irish car bombs until we pass out. Unfortunately, I will not be partaking in theses activities as much as I would like; I am going up to Grand Rapids to meet with various associates/partners/staff at the law firm I am going to be working at this summer. Being an almost grown up blows. The good news is East Lansing (home of the Michigan State Spartans...boo) is on the way back to Ann Arbor. I will most likely be making a pit stop there to enjoy and observe some silliness.
This week is going by much too fast, and when we all return to D.C. it's nothing but business from here on out. So here's to relishing Spring Break!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yes, But I Wanted to Do Hoodrat Stuff With My Friends...

"Cause it's fun, it's fun to do bad things." This just has to be the theme of the closing week of February because everyone (including myself) has been acting willfully and wantonly RECKLESS. Period. Ms. Tull already touched on a bit and I will continue the summary.
Let's look at the happenings of Monday. So, Pikachu Sims and myself were standing outside of Classroom 1 waiting for our Crim Law makeup when we witnessed an epic tongue lashing. I won't name names but the exchanged went like this:
Person 1: Why are we standing outside...can't we go in class?
Person 2: Umm Person 1, obviously we're standing outside because there is a class in there.
Person 1: I didn't ask you so shut up.
Person 2: Umm, excuse me???
Person 1: (bends down to Person 2's height, places finger in face, shakes head in a "oh no you didn't way") I said, I didn't ask you so SHUT THE HELL UP.
Person 2: Wow, but I was just sayi--
Person 1: I said Shut Up.

So yeaaa, that kicked off the week of bad things. I missed Nanny O'Briens AGAIN but I was extra juiced to go to my first ever NBA bball game courtesy of Mr. Duncan. We went to Hominy after and indulged in MORE drinks as usual. It was a super fun night, minus getting harassed by a man who was fun size...I mean he was like 4'11, no lie. He was trying to get at all of us and so Nickey, Pika, and myself proceeded to tell him that we were in a pseudo relationship. So at the end of the night, I realized that I lost my ID again which was a sign to me that my Latarian Milton ways were getting out of hand. That brings us to Friday night....

We go to Pure for the first time since the epic falling out of the first semester. I think we can all conclude that drama follows us when we're at Pure. After enjoying numerous $1 drinks, one of those drinks found their way on our CLOTHES because, on this night, instead of getting harassed by a munchkin man, a Gigantor decided it would be a good idea to throw a drink our way because I refused to dance with him. Bad choice. Compared to him, we looked like an army of the Littles BUT, we didn't care and we told this Hagrid-esque man that he was foul. We had an extra dose of Boldness that night or something because people were ready to knock him out. SMH. So ridiculous. So, we ended up leaving and going to a bomb jazz spot and Nickey & Pika utilized some lawyerly skills to get the Gigantor kicked out.

*sigh* the end? I prob left stuff out....so much is going on on top of all the school ish we have to do!!! Dos Mucho.