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Thursday, November 4, 2010

1L Blues In A Nutshell

This is 2L year's "Law School Musical":

"I'm Nasty, I'm Sorry" & Emo Rage

I had to put part of this title as "I'm Nasty, I'm Sorry" because...well, because it's funny. I wasn't actually present when aforementioned statement was made, but I am a third party beneficiary of its hilarity. This was said by a pretty rando 2L boy to the respectable Ms. Uwan for unknown reasons. Regardless, it's too funny to not be commemorated on the blog.

In other news, Emo Rage is at an all-time high. I trademarked this phrase over brunch at Diner on Sunday afternoon. Emo Rage is kind of like the new "Bitchassness." Once again, it predominately affects males ages 18-26 and it's a very serious condition. The cause is unknown, but I suspect it has to do with a combination of Kid Cudi on heavy rotation, skinny jeans that may be too tight, and not being allowed to express emotions properly as children. Oh, and the consumption of more than one alcoholic beverage exacerbates symptoms. Now, all of a sudden all these grown ass men want so get sad, mad, upset and get extremely emo and angry. Also, there's a high correlation between Emo Rage and Male Groupies (see Nicole's previous post for more explanation of the Male Groupie syndrome). I only have one message for people infected with Emo Rage: GET HELP! and LEAVE ME THE F ALONE. As everyone knows, it's grind season here at the HUSL and there's no time in any of our lives for silliness. I'm going to have to start wearing my face mask not only to protect me from H1N1, but also to protect me from emo rage and groupies. *sigh*

Until next time,
Pikachu Sims

Keeping Your Groupies in Check Gets Exhausting

So, its been another crazy month in the lives of the real huslas. I myself have been troubled with an inner struggle stuck between buckling down on school work and dealing with a serious case of pimp hand strong system. And somewhere in between i've had more than my fair share of shots of patron, including one random night where I lost my phone, and then got it back again. A major difference between 2L year and 1L year is that 1L year I really didnt have a personal life to interfere with my constant studying, whereas now my studying is interfering with my personal life. This year is really a balancing act. A necessary balancing act because after all as hard as it is to accept this is the life we chose, and although I hope there will be times where we are happier, its pretty safe to say that we will never be any less busy.

With all that said I feel like its important to just keep living my life and find a way to do the things I wanna do with the people I want to do them with. (Get your minds out of the gutter folks, I don't me it like that...at least I don't think I do).

A few weeks ago I went to a happy hour at Park and it was truly a real live version of six degrees of separation. Its no exaggeration to say that every person I independently knew from various places knew each other. Even had a crazy ass run in with this guy tryna holla even though I know his girlfriend and she was PRESENT. Dude is trifling in every sense of the word, his gf would literally turn her back, and he was preying on me. First of all he really wasnt that cute, second of all do I look like some trifling chick, third of all why would I even wanna deal with you seeing thats how you behave ( oh I know why cuz he must think I'm a trifling trick). Well HELL NO! I aint the one. So that guy is a rather thirsty groupie that I may just have to put on blast the next time I see him.

Actually we have noticed in recent weeks there seems to be a male groupie epidemic. Thirsty ninjas everywhere lol. I know thats rude, and makes us seem rather conceited...and you know what...we are all of the above. But its still the freaking truth. I guess its understandable...no really its not, I never been that thirsty in my life, but I do know that we are cute and we have fun so we get new groupies everyday lol. These groupies have been coming out the woodworks for sure, and I can't even say its people I dislike. Its just amusing.

Dueces till we meet again,


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It Was Fun While It Lasted......

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you...

So we all neglected October which is sad because a lot of stuff happened but no worries, I will come through with the summary. And I would like to call out a certain Pikachu Sims for neglecting this here blog since 1L year; run tell dat! Anyways, October FLEW by. It's amazing how the first two months of the semester drag by and then all of a sudden, it's grind season. We are in it and this means: lack of sleep, Starbucks being frequented more than usual (not by me of course), less television, baggier eyes, use of supplements, exhaustion, aggravation, jadedness etc. etc. You get the picture. So go head and feel sorry for us if you must...we're used to this merry-go-round and we are now saying December 10th or Bust. So to end on a lighter note, let me flashback to the close of October. It was a Halloween weekend to remember: HU Homecoming, The Rally to Restore Sanity and everything in between.
I'll flashback to
Thursday when somehow Pikachu, Knee-Cole and myself found ourselves in Forever 21, H & M, Urban Outfitters, Ruby Tuesdays and an athletic wear type store where I FINALLY got my Nalgene liter bottle and new gym shoes! Yeaaaaaaa, we did have class but the trip was necessary. I don't regret it at all. By the time our half personal day was over we decided we would be lowkey. A couple hours elapsed...texts and calls came through and everyone was talking about going to Park at 14th. Soooooo Knee-Cole and I ended up there and we had a great time. The morning recap was comedy! And I saw about 6 UCR people...we rolled deep this year. On Friday, my PLB aka Afia took a break from UPenn and joined in the festivities. We went on the yard (flasks in hand) and saw MANY questionable outfit choices. It was a good time. Reunited with Rum DMC and Mr. Duncan. We had dinner at Ledo's Pizza and realized we had $2.50 so we copped some Four Lokos. Friday night we hit up LOVE...the most notable moment from the night was a slip and fall, I won't name names though. She knows who she is. Saturday was the Rally to Restore Sanity. It was great...tons of great signs...people sitting in trees, babies on leashes. It was all fun and dandy till we tried to get HOME. All we wanted was to get back to the apartment but there were just too many people in this ity bity city!!!! We were trapped in DC for hours...walked from the National Mall to Union Station. Got straight up DEFLECTED and REJECTED from several taxi drivers. Waited in line at Union Station for over an hour just for a cab! It was horrible.
So obviously after that ordeal, all we wanted to do was rest. We did that and had some visitors at the apartment that night. Two of them were the usual suspects of course, one was too small and the other too loud. Le Sigh. I was glad to get sleep after that night. Halloween was just another day. That
Sunday feeling rushed over us all. Afia bid us adieu and Pika and I closed of the night with an episode of Boardwalk Empire.
When November 1st came around...it seems like something came over us all. We know what we have to do and we'll do it. There's just no other way.

Happy StuDYING,