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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Personal Days, Heatwaves, and iPads

Just a brief update. So Easter Sunday just passed and it was wonderful. Church was great and my spirit was moved...to the point of taking a personal day. It was well worth it. Nickey, Pika and myself explored DC...something we haven't had the chance to do since AUGUST. We were overwhelmed by the sea of tourists who traveled from all over for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We spotted a tree (singular), took a pic, and kept it moving. And we ended up...can you guess it???...Shopping. Retail therapy is every law student's best friend (next to the usual alcoholic beverages).
And so this sporadic, random personal day turned into a personal night and we ventured to the movies to see "Why Did I Get Married Too?" Needless to say, I was opposed...I had heard terrible things about the movie, but I still went. And I'm glad I did because it made my night. The movie fell to pieces in the last 40 minutes. The "dramatic scenes" ended up being the funniest (I love you *toss vodka*, I love you.) You just had to be there.
In other news, DC is experiencing a heatwave...we fast forwarded to summer. It was 90 degrees today and it's going to be 90 again tomorrow. We're hoping that our Criminal Law professor lifts the ban on WATER but he probably won't. And finally, Senor Duncan got his iPhone Biggie aka the iPad. That's all there is to say about that. Literally. It's just my phone, jumbo size.

Happy Studying