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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sooo About That 3L Swag...

So I'm thinking of firing my fellow bloggers and taking over this blog by my lonesome! Anyways, this semester has been filled with a ridiculous amount of work and I just don't appreciate it! I feel hoodwinked and bamboozled because I'm feeling like a 1L all over again. And as a friend of mine posted on Facebook oh so eloquently: "It's not that law school gets easier after 1L, it's just that you don't give a f*ck anymore." That is the perfect sentiment.

First of all, this school + work thing is not easy. I go to class, haul ass to work, and go back to school again on some days. I'm sick of the metro taking all my cash...I basically pay to go to work almost every single day. Second, my professors should know that the 3Ls just DGAF. I need them to stop with the cold-calling...it's so 2009. Also, these ridiculous papers are piling up. I have a 25 page draft due Tuesday but #MightNotMakeIt. Oh and on top of that, the MPRE is next week!

On a more upbeat note, I've had some good times the past couples weekends at least. Had a great time with a friend of mine a couple weeks back and I got to engage in hoodrat things on U Street and went sight-seeing. Homecoming was last weekend and it was great. I had a good time on the yard as Knee-Cole, Pika and myself enjoyed some peach Ciroc. And I had happy times at happy hour at Park where we all saw Pusha-T from Clipse. Knee-Cole was going to ask him why he still had cornrows, but she decided against it. And last Saturday, we went to Barcode for birthday festivities. Had a great time there but I must say that DC is way too small. You will run into people that you just don't want to see. I had fun with my HUSL folks and made my exit..heard it got real ratchet after we left. I can only imagine...we tend to get quite loose. All I know is that I cannot wait for this school thing to be OVER. I realize that work makes you miss school and school makes you miss work...but i'm over it.

Sad Because It Feels Like Finals,