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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oatmeal for Dinner & Other Signs of the Apocalypse

Greetings Friends,

It's finals over here and that means one thing. Meals are scarce (i.e., hopefully this starvation leads to looking great just in time for bikini season). I had oatmeal for dinner and Udeme had one measly piece of chicken for lunch. I don't know what Nicole had but as long as she didn't faint I'm going to assume she got enough calories for the day. Finals suck and one of the many unfortunate results of it being finals season if not even having enough time to make or eat a decent meal. Other unfortunate things: excessive intake of caffeine that leads to feeling like you just did an 8ball, taking 5 minute study breaks to watch Nightline, wondering if the library has a copy of "Don't Jump" on reserve, watching a YouTube video where a little girl gets blasted in the face by her father who is playing his video game much too intensely, etc. The ONLY positive of countless hours in the library is late night dance parties.
Anyways, in typical end of the year fashion we have a list of things to accomplish before heading our separate ways for the summer. These activities include:
1. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Lauriol Plaza (repeat of last year). I will be in attendance even though I will still have one more final to take.
2. Getting blackout and making poor decisions at the annual wife beater party.
3. Going to the zoo and trying not get stabbed
4. Going to the Holocaust museum? (Nicole is clearly trying to bring down the happiness vibe).
5. Couchin'
6. Getting blackout and making poor decisions at other locations.

The main thing is we cannot wait to say goodbye to 2L year. There's no doubt that the best is yet to come.

Pikachu out.


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